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Place Changes & Anti-duplication

We’ve recently put live a few changes around how places are stored in our database so we thought a blog post was in order to bring you up to date. We now treat places that we’ve pulled in from Foursquare … Continue reading

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Bringing Internet of Things to Internet World 2013

The following was originally posted on the DoES Liverpool blog. DoES Liverpool is a co-working space and community workshop in Liverpool, and is in fact where MapMe.At is based (our WhereDials are made on their laser cutter!) We thought you … Continue reading

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Latitude API, Mobile Web and Snappy Places

We’ve recently released some new changes which will provide more tracking options for everyone but may be of particular note to those of you with a WhereDial to update. The first thing to mention is our improved Latitude support. We … Continue reading

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We Have a New Wiki

To try to improve the management, and quantity, of documentation on the site we now have a wiki! You can find it at You will need to log into MapMe.At to access the wiki but once in you will be … Continue reading

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WhereDial Now Available to Buy!

We’re so glad to announce that we are ready to start shipping WhereDials! If you haven’t come across the WhereDial yet it’s a cute “Internet of Things” device that you can use to connect friends and family to your daily … Continue reading

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It’s Good to Share

We’re glad to be able to announce a new feature on the site (yes, the first real new feature in a while!) – Sharing Codes. The idea behind sharing codes is that a lot of people will want to share … Continue reading

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State of the Map 2010

This past weekend saw the annual OpenStreetMap “State of the Map” conference arrive in Girona, Spain. I attended for the fourth year running and was glad to be given the opportunity to talk about, what it is and how … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Where 2.0 2010

This week we’ve been at the Where 2.0 conference in San Jose, California. We submitted a talk and were fortunate enough to have it accepted. The talk was “Why I Track My Location and You Should Too” and involved John … Continue reading

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Foursquare Support Now Available

We’re happy to announce that we now have support for linking your account to Foursquare. If you haven’t tried it yet, Foursquare offers points, badges and more when you “check in” to locations. We’ve still got some things to finish … Continue reading

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Place based locating

You may have noticed that we recently launched some new functionality on the site. In the past when you wanted to map yourself you had, essentially, two options for describing that place. If you had some way of finding out … Continue reading

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