Updating User Location

Find this information on our wiki at http://mapme.at/wiki/API/updating

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  1. BILL says:

    The first time I used google latitude. My wife was going on a trip and it was live. It is no longer live. Why is that? Also the location is all over the place like at the house one moment and in town the next. i know she wasn’t at the house but it showed that in history. How do I fix that? Bill

  2. john says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Google Latitude on mapme.at. =
    We’re currently pulling data from Google about once a minute so while =
    it’s not absolutely live it should be quite current. Have you tried =
    checking on the latitude website to see if that is showing up to date =
    data? Also we simply take whatever Google stores so I’m afraid the =
    accuracy issues are more likely to be on their side too or perhaps an =
    issue with her device.

    Sorry I can’t be more use but hope that helps.

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