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It’s Good to Share

We’re glad to be able to announce a new feature on the site (yes, the first real new feature in a while!) – Sharing Codes. The idea behind sharing codes is that a lot of people will want to share … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Where 2.0 2010

This week we’ve been at the Where 2.0 conference in San Jose, California. We submitted a talk and were fortunate enough to have it accepted. The talk was “Why I Track My Location and You Should Too” and involved John … Continue reading

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Place based locating

You may have noticed that we recently launched some new functionality on the site. In the past when you wanted to map yourself you had, essentially, two options for describing that place. If you had some way of finding out … Continue reading

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Interesting Location/Clock Mashup

Update 16/12/2011: You can now buy one of these, go here for more information about WhereDial! John McKerrell has blogged about a hardware hacking project he recently created mashing his location up with an old fashioned clock using an Arduino … Continue reading

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Show your location on your blog or other websites

So we’ve been working on the history page to try to make it a good way to see where you’ve been and to share your location history with friends. There’s more improvements to come but you might be thinking “yes, … Continue reading

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Creating a favourite and “mapping” yourself there

The way in which you’re most likely to map your location while using mapme.at is to use favourites that you’ve created in the past. Favourites allow you to save a location into the mapme.at database, assign some tags and a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the mapme.at blog

Welcome everyone to the first post on the MapMe.at blog. I’m in Liverpool, GB as I write this, sat on the sofa at home in fact. Why would you want to know this? Well, perhaps you would like to meet … Continue reading

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