The Box Profile Page

We’re glad to announce that we’ve just released a code change which allows you to enter a user profile onto Go to the Account page and you can add a short description of yourself, a link to your website and even upload a picture of yourself. We recommend doing this as it will add real life to your history page. We’ve even made it easy for you by adding the ability to pull your existing profile information across from twitter.

At the same time we’ve also modified the history page so that you can see the list of contacts for the person who’s history you’re looking at. This should make it really easy for you to build up your list of contacts by seeing who your friends are in contact with and adding them yourself.

If you’re updating your profile please remember that everything you put in there will be visible to anyone, even people who have not signed up to or made contact with you, only enter information you’re happy for everyone to see. So head over to your account page now and get uploading or importing. Let’s banish the orange question marks as soon as possible!