Exporting a user’s location

This information has moved onto our wiki: http://mapme.at/wiki/exporting

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  2. Gerard says:

    Wow, very useful tool you’ve created. But, unfortunately useless if history can not be deleted or edited. Hopefully this functionality can be added. Until then I will continue my search…

  3. john says:

    Wow, I wouldn’t say it was entirely useless and many people are finding a use for it. I do agree though that it would be better if we could get history editing going at some point in the future though. There’s support for it in the API so if someone wanted to make a third party tool to do it that would be possible.

  4. Brian Medema says:

    This is pretty cool! Is there a way to show location history with a starting date and and ending date? It looks like the “since” command shows history to the present day. I’d like to create a map that shows a certain period of history, but does not continue updating after I’ve created the map.

    This is a pretty great service! Thanks!

  5. john says:

    Yes, use “until” to set the end date. You’ll get a maximum of 1000 entries back, send a “page” argument to get the next page (you can use “count” to get less than 1000 but not more).

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