A new location tracking and history website - https://mapme.at/ - has launched recently with the aim of making it as easy as possible for consumers to store and share their location online.

John McKerrell, the founder of mapme.at explains: “There are lots of reasons why people want to share their location online with friends and family. Holidaymakers are using the site to keep family and friends at home updated on their travels. People who enjoy running, cycling and walking are using our website to track the routes they take and plan future adventures. Avid photographers use the site to document where and when their photos were taken.”

The site gives you a day-by-day breakdown of every location you have visited and allows you to overlay messages from the popular micro-blogging service Twitter. There are plans to extend this in the future to allow consumers to overlay information from other online services including overlaying your photos from online photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Panoramio.

mapme.at allows you to update your location in many different ways, including through the website, via email and twitter, or through mobile devices. It stores your favourite locations and builds up a network of your contacts which you can then share your location with. The site also offers a developer API to allow any application to update or make use of your location history, with your permission.

“We’re acutely aware that security is very important to consumers. Our system is built from the ground up to keep your data private whilst still allowing you to easily select those people and applications that you are willing to share your location with, at the level of accuracy you choose.”

mapme.at was launched at the recent CloudMade developer events held in San Francisco and London. CloudMade is the first mapping and geo-services provider that utilize crowd-sourced maps based on OpenStreetMap. During these events John talked about the decision to use CloudMade’s ground breaking mapping services. He talked about the unique Style Editor that allowed mapme.at to create a custom map style that reflects the design used on mapme.at and makes the map an integral part of the branding of the site. He also mentioned the web services that give developers access to a rich database of the world that provides more detail than any other web mapping provider offers.

Much effort has gone in to the recent release of the mapme.at site and development continues on future features. These will include further work on the developer API allowing more functionality from the site to be exposed, and the upcoming iPhone app which promises to offer innovative solutions for updating your location on the go. To keep updated on future developments you should subscribe to their blog at

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About mapme.at

mapme.at was founded by John McKerrell in June 2007 and has been developed since by MKE Computing Limited. The site aims to offer consumers as many ways as possible to store and share their location history online. For more information on the site contact press@mapme.at or visit their blog at http://blog.mapme.at/

About MKE Computing Limited

MKE Computing Limited is a Liverpool, UK based company offering software development and geoweb consultancy services. The company has worked with a number of large clients including Carphone Warehouse, Multimap, Moneyextra.com and Microsoft as well as a large number of smaller clients. They offer software development services in most web scripting languages including PHP, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript together with an experienced knowledge-base built over ten years creating and hosting large, high-traffic websites and web applications. For more information contact press@mckerrell.net.

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